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UHP03Flow is a Smart Flowmeter designed to work in industrial conditions. The inputs of the flowmeter are 16 bit ADC. They keep 9 species thermocouples, Pt100, Current 4-20 mA and 0-20 mA. Analog outputs are 2 galvanic divided, 16 bit DAC, 4-20 or 0 -20 mA. The flowmeter maintains configurations for Water, Saturated Steam, Overheated Steam and Natural Gas Configuration is done with Configuration Software Tool or Hardware Configuration menu.


Inputs Four 16 bit ADC, TC-J,K,S,T, Pt100, 4(0) -20 mA Four Pulse Inputs galvanic insulated. Function tool Adjustable contrast Accuracy 0.1 % Repeatability 0.01% Measurements Steam, Saturated Steam, Gas, Water, Hot Water Outputs four Relay Outputs - 250V6A, Solid State 10A Display LCD 128x64 Serial Port RS232/485/422 Protocol Modbus RTU Dimension 96x96x119 Power Supply 85 - 265 V AC/DC, (Option 24 V)

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