Lampyrid CZ

Development and manufacturing of industrial appliances.

Single & multiloop controllers

Process indicators

Annunciators. Lighting panels

Burner controllers & UV flame control

Interfaces. Communication converters

Power supplies

Annunciators. Lighting panels


Our values and goals

LampyridCZ was established in 1990 in the city of Sofia. The company specializes in the development and manufacturing of industrial appliances. Over the years the company developed a large and diverse spectrum of products. LampyridCZ products can be applied successfully in many spheres of operations. Additionally, the LampyridCZ product portfolio provides great opportunities for both companies involved in engineering, as well as to end-consumers in this sector. The company disposes of production equipment for SMD setup of components, which is a guarantee for the quality of the products manufactured by LampyridCZ.

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Technology products

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