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Process Indicator.   Process controller P104 is hybrid Between Process controller and process indicator, compatible with SCADA systems by Serial Communication. It has hi Accuracy and Stability. It is suitable for mimic diagrams in control rums or any other solution needed such kind of features shown below.


Input 24 bit ADC, TC - B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T, HK, Pt100, 4(0) -20 mA, 0-100V PT Function tool Adjustable brightness Accuracy 0.05 % Repeatability 0.01% < 0.2% for 100V PT Outputs 3 x Relay Outputs - 250V6A, Solid State 10A Display 4 digit 7-segments LED, more than 10 colors Range -999 to 9999 Serial Port RS232/485/422 Protocol Modbus RTU Dimension 96x48x119 Power Supply 85 - 265 V AC/DC, 24V DC

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