LSB6 MultiCom


Configuration software


Annunciator modules LSB6 MultiCom is last generation device for registration of events, intended to keep attention of the engineering staff. In case of out of range of the technological process annunciator module activate blinking lightings at one of the  6 windows and activate  external audible device. LSB6 has 3 versions:
  • LSB6 MultiCom 00 - Serial port 485/422, Protocol Modbus RTU.
  • LSB6 MultiCom 01 - Wi-Fi Router +2xLAN Port Client /Server up to32 clients. Serial port 485/422, The Communication protocols are Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.
  • LSB6 MultiCom 02 – RTU – 2x Serial Ports 485/422 , LAN. Protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, 61850, IEC103,104, DNP3, DLMS, SNTP. Up to 3000 process points. KEMA certificate for RTU Core 61850. USB to Serial converter.
  The Annunciator module is compatible with SCADA systems. The Configuration settings of the LSB6 are accessible by software configuration tool. Follow the link to down load Atool.


Inputs 6 Working Input 12 - 220 V AC/DC, 24V, No potential Acknowledge Input 12 - 220 V AC/DC, 24V, No potential. Output Window RGB LED – 26 adjustable colors Serial port 1 to 2xRJ45 - RS485/422 LAN ports 1 x LAN Client/Server up to 8 clients or 1 x Wi-Fi router+2xLAN, Up to 32 clients Protocols Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, 61850, IEC103,104, DNP3, DLMS, SNTP Process points for 61850 up to 800, For others up to 3000 Relay Outputs 2 x250V6A AC Dimension 96x96x119

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