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LCPC 250-12 Gel battery from DAH Solar. Please use https://lampyridcz.eu/contact-us/ for stock, prices and more information.


DAH Solar Gel Battery - Rated Voltage- 12V. Capacity(10hr,1.80V/Cell)- 250Ah. Weight- 72kg. Max discharge current- 30I 10A(3min). Max charge current- ≤0.25C 10. Self Discharge(25°C)- <3%/month. Recommended using temperature- 15°C~°C25. Cover Material- ABS. Using temperature- Discharge: -45°C~50°C, Charge: -20°C~45°C, Storage: -30°C~40°C. Charge Voltage(25°C)- Float Charge: 13.4V-13.7V Average Charge: 14.1V-14.4V. Temperature Compensation- Float Temperature Compensation Coefficient -3mV/Cell°C Equalization Temperature Compensation Coefficient -4mV/Cell°C. Cycle life- 100%DOD, 572times, 50%DOD1422times, 30%DOD2218times. Capacity Affected By temperature- 105%@40°C 85%@0°C 60%@-20°C.

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