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Multifunction Network Power Meter can measure all the common electrical parameters, such as three-phase voltage, three phase current, active power, reactive power, frequency, power factor, four-quadrant power, etc. Also have energy accumulation, energy pulse output, alarm; switch input and output, analog transmit output, Rs485 communications, input parameters and other additional network features. Multifunction Network Power Meter has variety of control systems, energy management systems, substation, distribution automation, intelligent buildings, with user-friendly, easy maintenance


Current Input CT - 1A, 5A - programmable Voltage Inputs PT – 100V, Direct 400V - programmable Accuracy Class 0.2 Measurements Three phase voltage: UA, UB, UC Three phase line voltage: UAB, UBC, UCA Three phase current: IA, IB, IC Two-way power pulse output Communication output RS485 Display LCD with backlight Analog Outputs Up to 4 - 0-20, 4-20 mA – programmable Digital Outputs Up to 4 – programmable. Serial Port RS485 Protocol Modbus RTU Dimension DIN 96x96x80 Power Supply 85-265V AC/DC

Video instructions

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